Argulor, the eagle from Mossflower, is obviously my namesake, and is so because he is a favorite character of mine. He is obviously one of the great birds of prey in Jacques' series; they are usually my favorite, and thanks to the series, I really like crows, ravens, hawks, and such. I once thought it would be good idea to have birds be a creature added to The Tribes of Redwall, but that obviously isn't happening now since The Tribes has been discontinued.

Anyways, why do I like Argulor? He's obviously a very old guy who's had a history of being a fearsome predator, and yet he's not really a villian, either---it's just in his nature. A lot of people consider Asmodeus to be this as well, but Asmodeus comes across as having a much darker nature, in my opinion. And Jacques himself has said Asmodeus is evil.

But, as far as I'm concerned, he has not said so about Argulor. Arg is just like the kinds of eagles you'd find in the real world---they don't have mercy when it comes to hunting, and they're not allied with the creatures Jacques stereotypes as good, but it's not because they're bad.

I should note that, for the brief speaking part Argulor had, Jacques himself voiced the character for the audiobook.

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