I recently found through the history of edits, that this edit to [talk page] a talk page a long time ago...

"I don't get it. Matthias is supposedly 13 years old, and Jacques states that Warbeak is the same age. Makes sense, right?

...HOWEVER, If you read Redwall very carefully you'll learn that GT (Greytail) was killed just the spring before the summer of the late rose, in which the events in Redwall are set. Warbeak hatched AFTER Gt died, and thus would only be ONE season old. Addtionally, this would make Matthias only one season old, and how the two friends could have suffered all those injuries and adventures at that young an age (presuming a season counts as a "year") just isn't logical. They would be too young to understand bloodshed. Please correct me if i'm wrong, but Brian Jacques has just made a big mistake."

It apparently sat there unnoticed for almost three years, from the fall of 2008 to late summer 2011. I can see why it was removed, since it was speculation and the kind of stuff that doesn't go on talk pages. But still, the user who made it raised some interesting questions about the characters ages and the amount of time that passes in seasons. I have always been annoyed that Jacques chooses to measure time so poorly. Just something interesting to bring up.

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