I have been very frustrated over the years that characters such as the cook in Outcast of Redwall, for instance, don't receive articles simply because they are not given names Yet characters who have just as little significance, if not less, still receive them if they do have names. It's a policy I highly disagree with.

I'm particularly frustrated that there is no article for Gerul's mother. No, she never appears, but Gerul quotes her so often that she practically has an impact on the story, and when someone is brought up so frequently, it just feels wrong to disclude them.

I'm not sure if this is the place to write about this, but I personally want to make a proposal that characters who get speaking lines should get a page of their own. Gerul's mother would be included, since although she doesn't physically appear, she is quoted (repeatedly). I think characters who get speaking roles are significant to the story in some way. If named characters (such as, for example, several brothers and sisters of the abbey) who don't get speaking roles get pages in the series, it's only right that unnamed ones who do talk should.

Again, I'm not sure that this is the right place to propose this, but if it's not, I would request that you don't just remove it without putting it where it belongs, where it can be taken into consideration among the main users here.

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