Hello Redwall wiki! This is just an update from Ariyh concerning my progress on my fanfics and art. As you well know, I really appreciate feedback, both good and critical. However, I am not a major user and i don't update very fast. I sometimes get the impression that my work is not read. This is no fault of yours; it is simply me being slow or lazy. In any event, i decided to scrape myself out of my bedroom (my computer is downstairs) and give you all an update.


Hehe...well, yeah. this one. I believe this one was the only reason my work is even read. As the author, I can safely say that this particular work is not at all how i intended it to be. If it seems overly-emotional, well, that was the expected response. I wrote haunted in the hopes that, through experimentation, I would be able to portray some very human emotional responses in a very concentrated manner. Simply put, I wanted to see how people would react to that particular writing type. Now the sole reason i have not updated it in a long time is because i have simply run out of inspiration. I struggled to tie the whole thing up and finish it, but in the end, the story was too stubborn and i gave after a while. I am still trying to find new ways to tie in an ending, but i have been unsuccessful so far. I must ask though; what did you think of my characters, setting, plot, portrayal, etc. Please be specific in your answers.

"Ice Queen"

The tragedy that befell "Haunted" shall not plague this story, I can assure you. Though slow-moving, I have a good deal of Ice queen planned out and I will be updating as soon as I can. The name is going to be changed at the end to "Regina Glacialis" or translated, "Queen of ice."


As can be seen on my profile, i am quite a good artist. However, my talent is not geared towards the artistic development of animals in general, so Many of my animal depictions look quite human in their appearance. Please don't criticize me; i am much better at human form. my art request section is located on my profile

In Conclusion...

To wrap things up, all i am doing is asking for some very specific feedback on my two running fanfics (yes, Haunted is still running). I will do my best to supply updates and all I ask in return is feedback. Thank you for your time! God Bless! Ariyh, Scriptor mirifice 02:18, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

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