• Arrowtail

    Skuttle and Autumn

    February 15, 2009 by Arrowtail
    This might be a little late for those of you who already read it, but this fan fic includes spoilers for The Legend of Luke!

    Martin was on an early morning walk with his companion Gonff, Prince of Mousethieves. They had slipped away through the east wallgate to escape the early morning hustle and bustle of Redwall Abbey. Martin glanced back at the red stonewalls. It was only three seasons ago that he had returned from a quest to find the topmost abbey spire completed and visible for miles around.

    “Ahoy matey! What’s wrong with your face?” Gonff asked, as much in good spirits as ever, “Don’t tell me now your wonderin’ about what happened to your ol’ dad’s parents! We’ll have to trapes all the way back to the Northern Shores again!”
    Martin coul…
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