• Arvanna the Rogue

    A/N: This multi-chapter fic is a crossover of my two loves: CSI:NY and Redwall. It is not necessary to watch the show in order to understand the story, but since I am a big fan I recommend it. As I took the NY characters' names and made them anagrams, they are my creations. Please do not take them without asking.

    All mistakes are mine. Reviews are always appreciated. I will not accept flames.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message me. Enjoy!

    Chapter 1

    Blowing a piece of fruit that was sticking to his whiskers, Semser grudgingly made his way to Great Hall, stepping over random food strewn all over the floor of Cavern Hole. All around him other Redwallers shook their heads in annoyance as they cleaned themselves and their c…

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