dont get me wrong i love redwall but there are a few things that really tick me off. for instance in the very first book cluny had the redwallers defeted i mean he even the redwallers outside the abby in chains untiil stupid matthias came in with a army of sparos at his side and saves the day like all the other books i mean it would be cool if redwall got defeted at least once, it would give the readers something to look forword to. Another thing in one of the books (i dont remember wich one)all the redwallers shouted eulalia and the sound magicly travled miles and miles to salamandastron where the long patrol come withen five minutes and saved the day. I also think that it is strang that methios and all the other redwall wariors are oudimaticly good with a swored even if they have never touched one in there life! i dont no if its just me but i think i villion should defeat redwall for once.

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