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    Recently while rereading Mossflower, I came upon two unfamiliar names: Thrugg the Strong and Arrowtail, friends of Martin the Warrior. This is their story.

    Lilian Darkpaw, daughter of Ranguvar Foeseeker.


    Martin could not believe his eyes.

    In the twelve seasons he'd been a slave at Marshank, he had never seen anybeast attack Badrang the Tyrant.

    Yet here was this squirrel, and she was actually beating Badrang.

    Worse yet, she was one of Martin's best friends, Arrowtail.

    Martin knew why Arrow was trying to kill Badrang.

    The young mouse thought back to the day he had first met Arrowtail and their old friend Thrugg...

    Chapter 1

    "Felldoh, what are you doing? Oh,no! Don't you dare, Felldoh! Do you want…

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    Warriormaid Chapter 1

    September 5, 2012 by Banannibo


    In my last story, I mentioned that there were only three books in the BGS series, but there are a whole lot more. I'll just state that it's in the series in my little introductory note every time.




    Tabitha picked up her father’s bow. Why shouldn’t she learn to shoot?

    Silently, she slid from the house and went to the targets her brothers used to practice.

    She knelt down and notched an arrow on the bowstring.

    Then she fired.

    Her first arrow hit the bullseye.

    “Good, for a beginner.”

    The voice came from the foliage.

    “Who are you?” She asked, “Where are you?”

    An old squirrel slid from the underbrush. He had a sling over his shoulder and was carrying a bow.

    He stopped beside her. “What you must learn is how to hit the target every ti…

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    I would recommend having read The Bellmaker and High Rhulain before you read this, I will be refering to places and characters from both.

    Sincerely, Lilian Darkpaw

    Chapter 1

    The last thing he remembered was his father's voice shouting for him o run...

    Kyso Galedeep sat up and banged his head on something hard.

    His father!

    For that matter, the whole crew of the Pearl Queen.

    The searats had come out of nowhere, boarding the ship at night and attacking.

    Kyso felt responsible. After all, he was the one who had fallen asleep on watch.

    His thoughts trailed off as the revelation hit him: He was inside a log.

    What am I doing here? Kyso thought.

    He looked down and saw a note on the floor.

    It read:

    Gone back to beach. Come ou…

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    This is my first book in three that I am currently writing. Read this one first. I will be putting the others on soon. They refer back to this and there are lots of things that you won't understand if you read them before this one. There will be three of them: BGS, Dirk and Holt Wavecrest. The others have absolutely nothing to do with these and will have their own notes.

    Juniper Wavecrest

    A small hedgehog with graying spikes sat in her garden, humming away as she planted her flowers.

    Suddenly, a small squirrel of about two seasons old ran out of the woodlands in front of her, followed by another squirrel, slightly older than the first, “Tipper, come back here!” She was calling after him. The little squirrel ran to hide behind the hedgehog.


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