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Kyso: A Galedeep's Tale

I would recommend having read The Bellmaker and High Rhulain before you read this, I will be refering to places and characters from both.

Sincerely, Lilian Darkpaw

Chapter 1

The last thing he remembered was his father's voice shouting for him o run...

Kyso Galedeep sat up and banged his head on something hard.

His father!

For that matter, the whole crew of the Pearl Queen.

The searats had come out of nowhere, boarding the ship at night and attacking.

Kyso felt responsible. After all, he was the one who had fallen asleep on watch.

His thoughts trailed off as the revelation hit him: He was inside a log.

What am I doing here? Kyso thought.

He looked down and saw a note on the floor.

It read:

Gone back to beach. Come outside and follow the path. It's not hard to find. -M. W.

"Well," Kyso muttered, "Whoever this creature is, it rescued me."

Following the letters instructions, the sea otter eventually arrived at the beach, which was deserted.

Kyso looked out to sea and saw the Pearl Queen, now far away.

"Dirty searats!" He growled. "They must've killed everyone!"

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