The Legend of Thrugg the Strong and Arrowtail

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Recently while rereading Mossflower, I came upon two unfamiliar names: Thrugg the Strong and Arrowtail, friends of Martin the Warrior. This is their story.

Lilian Darkpaw, daughter of Ranguvar Foeseeker.


Martin could not believe his eyes.

In the twelve seasons he'd been a slave at Marshank, he had never seen anybeast attack Badrang the Tyrant.

Yet here was this squirrel, and she was actually beating Badrang.

Worse yet, she was one of Martin's best friends, Arrowtail.

Martin knew why Arrow was trying to kill Badrang.

The young mouse thought back to the day he had first met Arrowtail and their old friend Thrugg...

Chapter 1

"Felldoh, what are you doing? Oh,no! Don't you dare, Felldoh! Do you want to die? Seriously, Felldoh, if you have any sense at all, get down before Hisk or Badrang sees you!"

Felldoh looked down at his friend Keyla. "Ssh! If you don't quit, Badrang will find me! Besides, I want to see."

Keyla exchanged a puzzled glance with Martin, who had been listening to the conversation, "What are you trying to see, Felldoh?"

"Badrang's back!" the squirrel replied, "And he's got hordes of new slaves."

Keyla sighed. "At this rate, Badrang will have the whole world at his mercy before anybeast knows what hit them."

"Not while I'm around, he won't!" Martin said. "Someday I'll get us all out of here..."

"How're you gonna do that, mouse?"

It was a squirrelmaid, small, but with the look of a born fighter. Though her clothes were torn, and she was very thin, her eyes glistened with courage and determination.

"I said, how're you planning to free all the slaves?" she asked.

"I don't know," said Martin, "I hadn't thought about it."

"You need a plan, a good plan, if you want to outsmart Badrang." the squirrel said.

"And no one knows it better than you, Arrowtail."

A tall otter, strong and capable-looking, had been listening in on the conversation. He rested a paw lightly on the squirrel's shoulder.

"Believe me," he said to Martin and the others, "Arrowtail is practically an expert on Badrang. Three times she's tried to escape already!"

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