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    After Redwall

    March 30, 2009 by Barkjon

    • Prologue
    • Book 1
    • Chapter 1

    The warrior mice were slowly being pushed back to the Gatehouse. The vermin were...undefeatable. How did they get in? That question haunted the minds of the Redwallers. Little did they know they were betrayed. By who? A young otter. Yes, an otter. His mind was corrupted by the thoughts of riches and freedom offered by the vermin, so he showed them a way in while the inhabitants of Redwall were stuffing their faces in a huge feast.

    The remnant of the mice fighting the vermin were getting cut down. Rats charged at the five last Redwallers. It was hopeless. The huge army was defeating them. They had been surprised completely, and they were not prepared for battle. It was impossible to defeat them all...

    One last mouse das…

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