• Ben the Claw

    How Verdauga Died!

    February 14, 2010 by Ben the Claw

    The True (as far as you know) Story of how Verdauga Greeneyes really died! I hope you like it!

    It was a cold, bleak, sunless day in Kotir, the ageless fortress of red sandstone. All the army of the powerful Verdauga Greeneyes was sleeping as usual (very lazy army, naughty they are). All was silent in Kotir except in the room of Tsarmina Greeneyes, the Iron fisted daughter of Lord Verdauga. Tsarmina for years had wanted to rule Kotir. She showed no love towards her father and coveted his position as ruler of mossflower and she had just had enough. When she found out that Verdauga was going to leave the kingdom to her brother when he died she was oh, so mad. Her brother was none other than the kind hearted Gingivere Greeneyes who loved their …

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  • Ben the Claw

    The Claw of Redwall

    February 13, 2010 by Ben the Claw

    From the baron waste lands of the far icey northlands comes a hero.Ben the Claw the wildcat son of the famous warlord Unath the Fang is forced to flee soutwords after his fort was attacked by strange sea raiderd.Who are these sea raiders? where do they come from? why are they attacking a Wildcat fortress?.All these questions will have answers in this adventurous tale of the one Wildcat.

    It was another cold, harsh, and bleak morning in the northlands at Fort Scy, the icy mountain fortress of the legendary wildcat warlords and other vermin in the highlands that rests above great cliffs of stone. All the vermin in the calm fortress were still asleep except for the great warlord Unath the Fang, a wildcat who had ruled in the icy northlands for …

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