Biklay Fierlan

aka Thomas

  • I live in the UK
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is Knight of Vantalion
  • I am Male
  • Biklay Fierlan

    Aaslig's Story

    October 14, 2010 by Biklay Fierlan

    Dawn was just arriving, and the sun had just begun its upward journey into the sky. It was another glorious spring morning in Mossflower Woods, and creatures of all different sizes and species were crowding out of their dens and burrows.

    Farther along this beautiful landscape, on the western shores, a young rabbit sniffed the cool morning air outside his burrow and slowly hopped about curiously. He grabbed a small flower coming out of the sand and yanked. He went head over paws, having pulled out half a root system. "Cornello, dear, what did I tell ye about -" began his mother, a fine looking rabbit, coming out of the entrance behind him, which was built into a sand dune. Suddenly she screamed, "Get away from there, it's a ferret!"
    "Wot's wr…
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  • Biklay Fierlan

    A Tale of Southsward

    September 29, 2010 by Biklay Fierlan

    It was a beautiful spring morning in Mossflower Wood, and everybeast was enjoying it.

    Especially Rhenk the Spy!
    The swift male sable was an unusual grey-brown in color, and better at disguises than any other beast serving Rubbargz the Merciless, the new ruler of all Southsward.
    He traveled alone, for he needed none to go with him.
    He was Rhenk the Spy!
    He dashed along a seemingly endless ditch that ran along the wayside of a path until he halted at his destination: A red sandstone Abbey.
    "Ah, now, what was this Abbey's name?" Thought Rhenk.
    "Oh yes," he said aloud to himself. "Redwall." He liked the sound of it.

    Rubbargz the Merciless, Lord of all Southsward, as he called himself, was a stoat of massive weight for his body size. It wasn't …

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  • Biklay Fierlan


    September 27, 2010 by Biklay Fierlan

    The otter clan of Lunach MacTide waited in the shallows as the looming hull of the pirate ship Raider came into view through the thick fog. A lone pine marten stood at the prow, cutlass in paw. An evil laugh erupted from its ugly mouth. "So, Lunach, yer thought y' could thwart ther Golden One, did ye? There's a price to be payed for ev'rythin', ye know...Chaaarge!!!" Forty pirates poured down the side of Raider, and a furious battle began as the twenty last otters of the clan gave their last attempt for freedom, yelling their last war cry as they clashed with the surging ranks of savagely howling vermin pirates: "MacTiiide! For freedooooom! Fiiight!!!"

    Petratis. Ruled by the evil golden fox, Silvaza the Golden, the once 'treasure of the sea' w…

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