• I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is Warrior, Weaver of tales
  • I am male
  • BlackOtter

    Veedle was in trouble and he knew it. The Ferret found himself staring at the cold amber eyes of his captor, the massive otter with fur blacker than the night surrounding them.

    "Please on me oath, I was just havin' some-" he choked as the otter's grip tightened around his neck.

    "I'm not interested in your oath. I saw what you were doing. Lie to me again and I'll take your other ear", he snarled.

    Veedle began sobbing as the stranger drew an obsidian sword. "O- okay", he gasped.

    "Good, now hurry up".

    "I wus walkin' when I saw the squirrel, e was old, and had some valubles", he began. "I decided to have some fun see?"

    The otter sheathed his sword, looking disgusted. "You're pathetic", he spat. Without warning he gave a stunning blow to the ferret's…

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  • BlackOtter

    This is not the end. there will be many more chapters and I will update regularly.

    "You recruits need to work on discipline some more!" yelled Commander Stone, a middle aged mouse with a corpulent stomach and an eye patch.

    Skor sighed. It had been half a season since he and Cassius had led the remainder of his tribe to the Freedom Brigade. Once the tribe had settled down they had been assimilated into the mass of refugees and travelers. However he and Cassius had joined the warriors and had become recruits training to join the ranks.

    As the commander continued yelling Cassius leaned over. "If he yells any more he'll blow up." he whispered.

    Skor crouched slightly so he could hear his friend. He was a quite tall for an otter, with a muscular fra…

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  • BlackOtter

    Cassius was angry, as usual. He had just gotten into a fight with his brother Deka. Of COURSE their mother had sided with Deka, but that didn't make things any easier.

    Cassius had stormed off in a rage, taking his club with him. He was slightly taller than average for a mouse of fifteen seasons, but he was so much of an outcast he had all the sadness of an old rat who had been living alone in a swamp.

    He lay down in the hill muttering to himself. "I'll show him, one day I'm going to knock Deka's teeth out!" he growled.

    However he began to calm down quickly after being in the hills. For some reason laying down alone and watching the clouds calmed him when nothing else could.

    Suddenly he heard footsteps which puzzled him. Why would so many creatu…

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  • BlackOtter

    Skor smiled as he read.Sometimes he simply wandered off into the forest to read.He was unusual for an otter,instead of swimming and roughhousing he preferred reading and writing.However, he was still no pushover, he was half as tall again as a normal otter for his age (fifteen seasons) and much stronger.

    He started as his father walked over.Orval Scartooth was a powerful creature taking his name after one of his teeth was knocked out in a battle with vermin hordes.

    You know,if you spent any more time sitting here reading I would have thought you were and oddly shaped rock.his father said as he sat down.

    Skor laughed in amusement,Maybe but at least I don't spend my day with a bunch of muscle heads like you.

    Ha!,Orval chuckled muscle heads? you h…

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