• Black Melony

    Black Beauty

    July 26, 2009 by Black Melony

    In the ghostly night in Mossflower Woods hedgehog family rest inside their small home. The two small babes sat on the floor in front of a fire, and the wife put a blanket over them. A dark shadow passed the window and the babes gasped in horror. The husband, Abrus, grabbed a club and slowly opened the door. "'ello? Who's out there?" he turned to his wife Amberose, shrugged, and closed the door; none of them noticed the dark cloaked figure standing in corner of the room, until Amberose shouted, "Oh my!"

    The red eyed creature chuckled and stepped forward. "Abrus, Amberose, and Misty and Bisty, right? Huh, a nice little family you have here Abrus."

    Amber grabbed the hedgehog twins. "Please, what do you want from us?"

    "Oh, excuse me, for not tel…

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