• Blazemane

    Chapter 2

    This piece is based on part of Chapter 2 of Outcast of Redwall, with the bassoon representing Sunflash the Mace, the French Horn representing Skarlath, and both instruments taking turns here and there to represent the environment and/or the general feel of the situation that these two character find themselves in.

    Skarlath and Sunflash have managed to escape from Swartt Sixclaw, and they've just finally stopped for a rest in the snow at a clearing in the forest after running all night long. Now they consider their new-found freedom and what to do next. The piece ends as they leave the clearing and begin their long quest to take Swartt down.

    Note: MIDI files can't capture the sound quality…

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  • Blazemane

    Fan Music: Noonvale

    May 21, 2014 by Blazemane


    This piece has been a long time in the making. The inspiration for it came back in March of last year while I was watching Martin the Warrior. The material I wrote that day has been sitting around on my computer since then, waiting until I could find the time and energy to figure out where it was supposed to lead.

    The idea behind this is to express the joy of all the liberated beasts from Marshank as they arrive in the free land of Noonvale for the first time. There is safety, and beauty, and a promise of a life of happiness which some of the newcomers have never known for as long as they've been alive.

    Noonvale is also the home of Rose, and for her family and friends--and especially for Ma…

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  • Blazemane

    "Corksnout and Friar Gullub began shepherding the Dibbuns off to their beds. Even the notorious D.A.B. gang did not complain. It seemed that most Redwallers seemed heavy-lidded and languid. Bosie played a beautiful, slow air, which conjured up scenes of quiet, heather-strewn glens, with tranquil streams wending through them. One by one, everybeast drifted off upstairs, until there was only the mountain hare and Samolus Fixa, keeping each other company amidst the flickering shadows cast by guttering candles and fading lanterns..."

    -Brian Jacques, Doomwyte

    When I read this part, the idea of taking a shot at the piece leapt out at me. I don't know about my attempt being beautiful or conjuring heather-str…

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