Chapter 2

This piece is based on part of Chapter 2 of Outcast of Redwall, with the bassoon representing Sunflash the Mace, the French Horn representing Skarlath, and both instruments taking turns here and there to represent the environment and/or the general feel of the situation that these two character find themselves in.

Skarlath and Sunflash have managed to escape from Swartt Sixclaw, and they've just finally stopped for a rest in the snow at a clearing in the forest after running all night long. Now they consider their new-found freedom and what to do next. The piece ends as they leave the clearing and begin their long quest to take Swartt down.

Note: MIDI files can't capture the sound quality of real instruments, and often times they sound just plain scratchy. One way to enhance the depth of the sound is to listen with headphones. The scratchiness is still there, but when the sound sustains, the timbre mellows out; I think headphones help in hearing the longer, quietly sustained sounds which don't always play well on speakers. I also just happen to personally like the immersive capabilities of headphones. It's like being in a hall with the music instead of just listening to it from a distance.

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