"Corksnout and Friar Gullub began shepherding the Dibbuns off to their beds. Even the notorious D.A.B. gang did not complain. It seemed that most Redwallers seemed heavy-lidded and languid. Bosie played a beautiful, slow air, which conjured up scenes of quiet, heather-strewn glens, with tranquil streams wending through them. One by one, everybeast drifted off upstairs, until there was only the mountain hare and Samolus Fixa, keeping each other company amidst the flickering shadows cast by guttering candles and fading lanterns..."

-Brian Jacques, Doomwyte

When I read this part, the idea of taking a shot at the piece leapt out at me. I don't know about my attempt being beautiful or conjuring heather-strewn glens, but everyone's got to start somewhere, right?

A couple notes:

-Since the sound comes from Finale Songwriter, it obviously isn't as good as what you'd get from a violinist (though I added some reverberation and chose to have the sound play as if it was in a "medium hall"). But I'm not a string player, and we don't have any violins in the house.

-Bosie's instrument wasn't exactly a violin. I could only guess what his instrument sounded like and try to approximate it.

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