• Blueeyes Lagoonfur

    Guglugaw the toad continued walking through the mud of the marshes, breathing heavily. He never had walked so long like this before! He felt as if he was going to die of exhaustion any minute now, but he continued. Only thinking one thing: Go to Balgum kingdom, kill Balgum, take army, build kingdom...Those where the only things he thought about for the rest of the night.

    Blueeyes jumped into the lagoon with a splash, sticking his head out of the water, he laughed up at his friend, Sirius, who was thinking over if he was going to jump in, get soaked and get cold but still have fun with Blueeyes, or stay in the holt, stay dry and warm but risk being teased by all the others. Blueeyes climbed back onto the raft which served as holt for the triā€¦

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