• Bluefang the Ferret

    Species: Weasel

    Gender: Male

    Weapon: Poison tipped spear

    Clothes: Kilt, rope belt

    Appearance: Green dyed fur, green eyes.

    Occupation: Third in command of Rennicks the Skinner's band

    Personality: Hates mice, wants to be in charge, hates being pushed around, hates being teased.

    Place of origin: East of Mossflower

    Height: small

    Age: 45 seasons

    Story: Freebooters

    Species: Ferret

    Gender: Female

    Weapon: scimitar

    Clothes: Red sash, blue vest, large hat, gold tail ring, earrings and nose ring.

    Appearance: Blue eyes, brown fur, hat at strange angle, talks with Sampetra accent.

    Occupation: Bosun of Ripfinn, sister of Dirkk

    Personalty: Teases, loves grog, is arrogant at times, funny.

    Place of origin: Sampetra

    Age: 17 seasons

    Quotes: Don't mess with this ferret unless ya w…

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  • Bluefang the Ferret

    A rat limped over to his queen: "They `ave escaped, m'lady" The polecat seized him by the scruff of his neck. Looking into his eyes, she stared him down to his knees. "So" She started, "I guess I can't trust you as slaver anymore, my dear Grithumb." As quick as lightning, she took out a stake and slayed him, she smiled evilly at the blood dripping from it. Her officers stared in horror at the mad polecat. Nothing was going to stop her from getting those slaves.

    Potley opened his eyes. After hearing a scream, he knew what happened. Looking out the window bars of the slavehouse, the mouse saw something that made his blood run cold. A few tired slaves were being tied to a post and flogged for stopping their work, due to sickness. A one eyed, …

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  • Bluefang the Ferret

    Ferahgo the Assassin smiled. Skillfully twirling a dagger, throwing it up in the air and catching it. He did this for several minutes until a rat interrupted his practice. "M'lord" Ferahgo turned around. "What, Nipear?" The rat like all the other corpesmakers, knew how dangerous he could be when angered so he was uncertain for a few minutes before answering. "Yer mate `as given birth to a son" Ferahgo stopped moving his dagger. "She what?" He said, baiting Nipear. "She gave birth to a son" He flinched as Ferahgo gently sliced at his chest, giving him a thin, bleeding scratch. "Show me this, son" Nipear walked over to the tent with Ferahgo close behind. When they entered, Nipear pointed to a small weasel babe. "Yer son, m'lord" Ferahgo sigh…

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  • Bluefang the Ferret

    I got this from one of my old fanfics that I writ at my house, so i'ts not as good as the other fanfics I made. ENJOY

    Wopaw have been in the army of Drafgar for many seasons and each a veteran of many a battle, but unluckily for them, they were never promoted. the ferret captain and the fox captain, trusted advisors of their high king, , were sent to the barracks to tell the captains, Greenfang, Smiler, Larme and Flinn the news: Someone is trying to turn the troops against their leader. They are to find, disarm and throw him or her, into the dungeons until further notice. The captains bowed, and were sent on their way. Sticey the vixen was the first to hear the hunt. She ran over to the other guards and told them the news. The guards wer…
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  • Bluefang the Ferret


    April 29, 2010 by Bluefang the Ferret

    On the ship, Ripfinn a quarrel had started. Likker the weasel punched Oneeye in the gut, then threw her against the mast. Oneeye wiped blood from her snout as she snarled at him. "Flamin' coward! Can't even fight a fair fight!" Likker smiled at her, taking a spear from a comrade. "Stupid ferret, dat saber is mine by right! Buckpaw was me brudder an' since `e be ded, it be's mine now!"

    Dirkk, the mate of Oneeye, pointed an accusing paw at the weasel. "Yew killed `im, traitor!" Drawing his namesake, a rusty dirk from his belt, he handed it to Oneeye. "Halt!" All eyes turned to their captain. They all knew how dangerous Grudd could be when he's angered. "Likker started it cap'n." The speaker was a stoat named Stakey.

    Grudd grabbed him. "yew telli…

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