Ferahgo the Assassin smiled. Skillfully twirling a dagger, throwing it up in the air and catching it. He did this for several minutes until a rat interrupted his practice. "M'lord" Ferahgo turned around. "What, Nipear?" The rat like all the other corpesmakers, knew how dangerous he could be when angered so he was uncertain for a few minutes before answering. "Yer mate `as given birth to a son" Ferahgo stopped moving his dagger. "She what?" He said, baiting Nipear. "She gave birth to a son" He flinched as Ferahgo gently sliced at his chest, giving him a thin, bleeding scratch. "Show me this, son" Nipear walked over to the tent with Ferahgo close behind. When they entered, Nipear pointed to a small weasel babe. "Yer son, m'lord" Ferahgo sighed. "Leave us, Nipear" The rat obliged. A vixen entered. "I'm afraid..." Ferahgo turned angrily to her. "What? And wheres m'mate?" The vixen covered her face just in case the weasel decided to practice throwing daggers on her. "That's the problem, m'lord... She's dead o' childbirth." The assassin shrugged. "Saved me the work killing `er myself, she was conspiring against me." The vixen, who's name was Sticey, sighed. Ferahgo was never going to know how much his mate loved him.

Chapter 1 Urthound

A great badger walked through the door of his house, into the night. Breathing deeply, he walked over to a tree, looking up at the stars.

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