Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Weapon: Poison tipped spear

Clothes: Kilt, rope belt

Appearance: Green dyed fur, green eyes.

Occupation: Third in command of Rennicks the Skinner's band

Personality: Hates mice, wants to be in charge, hates being pushed around, hates being teased.

Place of origin: East of Mossflower

Height: small

Age: 45 seasons

Story: Freebooters


Species: Ferret

Gender: Female

Weapon: scimitar

Clothes: Red sash, blue vest, large hat, gold tail ring, earrings and nose ring.

Appearance: Blue eyes, brown fur, hat at strange angle, talks with Sampetra accent.

Occupation: Bosun of Ripfinn, sister of Dirkk

Personalty: Teases, loves grog, is arrogant at times, funny.

Place of origin: Sampetra

Age: 17 seasons

Quotes: Don't mess with this ferret unless ya want to lose an ear!

Book: Freebooters


Gender: Male

Species: Fox

Weapon: Hatchet

Clothes: Violet scarf and tunic.

Appearance: Always carries around a flute, and has scarf tied on head, green eyes.

Occupation: Musician on the ship, Ripfinn

Personality: Loves singing, playing his flute and unlike most corsairs, laughing.

Place of origin: Sampetra

Age: 23 seasons

Quotes: Life is dull without music.



Species: Polecat colored ferret

Gender: Male

Weapon: Short spear & dirk

Clothes: Blue sash, blue hat, blue vest.

Occupation: Deckhand on Ripfinn

Appearance: Smiles allot, jokes around, swears to never marry or fall in love.

Personality: Enjoys the simple things in life, like to crack jokes on the most dull occasions.

Place of origin: A small island near Sampetra.

Quotes: Enjoy life while ya still `as it, mates!

Age: 30



Gender: Male

Species: Stoat

Weapons: Cutlass or spear

Features: One eye is almost completely shut.

Book: Freebooters

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