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    Hello, I'm here to discuss something I noticed as of late, and that is the female characters in the Redwall books, more notably the latest books.

    WARNING! This essay contains spoilers from Doomwyte, The Sable Quean, and The Rogue Crew!

    Alright, so first off is Zaran the Black. She is a river otter whose mate, Varon and her daughter, Namur were slain by Korvus Skurr and the Doomwytes. She is bent on avenging the memory of both and is armed with her swords that are joined at the hilt. In the final battle between the Wytes and the Gonfelin thieves, Guosim, and several others, she pursues Korvus Skurr, who attempted to flee the battle. It is later said that she caught up with the raven and slew him, thus fulfilling her vow to kill him for having…

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    Note: This is a sequel to Bluestripe, a Name Remembered. Please read it first before reading this. Thank you.

    Fan Fic Questions have started up again.

    This story is dedicated to all of my friends on the wiki and to my grandfather, who passed away in July of 2012. This may sound silly, but one of the people this story is dedicated to is my dog Jack, who passed away on March 17, 2011. This is also dedicated to the late Brian Jacques, who made all of this possible.

    The young hares of Salamandastron chased one another through the dining hall. The Badger Lord, Roan, sat in his chair at the end of the hall. The hare babes surrounded the Badger Lord. One young hare sat in Roan's lap while the other babes circled around the badger's chair. Roan looked…

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    Tuesday night, I was thinking of Gulo and him chasing Askor. Then something came into my head. Gulo and Gollum are similair. Here's how:

    1. Gulo the Savage and Gollum both covet a precious object. The Walking Stone and the One Ring, respectively.

    2. They are both mad.

    3. They both want revenge on someone. Askor and Bilbo respectively.

    4. Both of their names start with g.

    5. They both talk to themselves.

    While at first they seem far from alike, just be a little bit open-minded and think about the points I have noted.

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    This story will take place after the events of Bluestripe,A Name Remembered. I will write it after I finish Bluestripe, A Name Remembered and after I finish my very short fan fic, A Change of Heart. So I will probably start writing this in Mid-Winter.

    This fan fic will have:

    • The first creature ever to have had Bloodwrath.
    • A wolf as the one of the characters
    • The wolf's story
    • A crew of corsairs from the tropics
    • The adventure of Martin the Elder Warrior.
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    Um....OK, I'm going to have a poll at the end to see if I should write this or not. This is a short story so don't complain. Here's the preview, mates! Note: I'm going to write this after I finish Bluestripe,A Name Remembered.

    The wolverine knew he stood no chance! The Wearet had 1,500 rats at his command. The wolverine only had 300 ermine and foxes with him. The Wearat and his vast rat army had come from The Abyss in the far South. The wolverine had come from the Land of Ice and Snow in the far North. At first, the wolverine had wanted to conquer Redwall Abbey, but now, he knew if he had to fight the Wearet and his army for Redwall, he didn't stand a chance. Now, the wolverine knew that the and his 300 followers must protect Redwall Abbey. …

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