Um....OK, I'm going to have a poll at the end to see if I should write this or not. This is a short story so don't complain. Here's the preview, mates! Note: I'm going to write this after I finish Bluestripe,A Name Remembered.


The wolverine knew he stood no chance! The Wearet had 1,500 rats at his command. The wolverine only had 300 ermine and foxes with him. The Wearat and his vast rat army had come from The Abyss in the far South. The wolverine had come from the Land of Ice and Snow in the far North. At first, the wolverine had wanted to conquer Redwall Abbey, but now, he knew if he had to fight the Wearet and his army for Redwall, he didn't stand a chance. Now, the wolverine knew that the and his 300 followers must protect Redwall Abbey. They could not the Wearet have it no matter what! Even if they died trying, they could not let the Wearet have the Abbey! The wolverine nodded to his followers and they drew their weapons. The Wearet could not have the Abbey no matter what! The Wearet pointed his longsword at the wolverine and his army. The Wearet and his army charged towards the wolverine!

Should I write this?

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