• Bluestripethewild

    This is a sneak peek of my sequil to The Story Of Bluestripe The Wild. It is called The Power of the Modnar. this sneak peek will show the formation of Richard, and some of the things that he affected in the other Redwall books. I hope you enjoy.

    As the energy surrounded Bluestripe the wild, something strange happened. His shadow, which until that moment was normal, was changing. It seemed to leave him. That patch of darkness, that was previously part of Bluestripe, had slithered accross the room. It then grew. it grew into a shadowed form of a badger, with glowing yellow eyes. Then it dissolved into the Air.

    it was late at night. Groddil the fox, Ungatt Trunns Aid, was walking up the beach, north of Salamandastron. He reflected on what he had…

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  • Bluestripethewild

    this is going to be created when i finnish THE STORY OF BLUESTRIPE THE WILD.

    it involves Bluestripe leaving Salamandastron on a quest with Juliza to find the mythical power of the SGNIHT MODNAR, which is kept in the abbey of Loamhedge. once they get there, he absorbs the power, expelling the evil half of his soul. the evil half flees into the woods of mossflower. centuries later, it reforms into the being known as Richard the Unknown, master of the flame. he eventually makes it to the abbey of Redwall.

    Then stuff will happen.

    (it takes place after Rakkety Tam, before High Rhulain. some characters from Rakkety Tam will be in the story, but not Tam or Doogy. it would just be unfair). thank you.

    --Bluestripethewild SGNIHT MODNAR

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  • Bluestripethewild

    It was late in the evening. Orlando the Axe had been out all day, going to find some food and Blue mountain flowers for his daughter, Auma. When he entered his home, he saw Auma sitting on a small armchair that Orlando had made for her. She turned around to look at him when he entered the room. He chuckled to himself. “Why aren’t you asleep yet, Auma?” he asked her. She got up and led him to his own chair, saying “don’t you remember, father? You said that you’d tell me a story when you got home.” Orlando put a paw on his brow, saying “of course I did. I almost forgot! Thank you for reminding me, Auma.”

    He walked over to the fireplace and set his great battle axe on the shelf he had built for it. He turned and sat down in his armchair with a…

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