this is Richard, with the power of the SSENKRAD MODNAR arround him

this is going to be created when i finnish THE STORY OF BLUESTRIPE THE WILD.

it involves Bluestripe leaving Salamandastron on a quest with Juliza to find the mythical power of the SGNIHT MODNAR, which is kept in the abbey of Loamhedge. once they get there, he absorbs the power, expelling the evil half of his soul. the evil half flees into the woods of mossflower. centuries later, it reforms into the being known as Richard the Unknown, master of the flame. he eventually makes it to the abbey of Redwall.

Then stuff will happen.

(it takes place after Rakkety Tam, before High Rhulain. some characters from Rakkety Tam will be in the story, but not Tam or Doogy. it would just be unfair). thank you.

--Bluestripethewild BluestripeandJulizaSGNIHT MODNAR

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