• Breeze Nightfur

    Breeze Nightfur

    June 25, 2011 by Breeze Nightfur

    Breeze Nightfur stood at the edge of Salamandaston. The firelight from the sentry's fire did not reach her so her midnight fur blended with the surrounding darkness. Breeze hesitated before entering,she was the first runner back from Young Lord Ramcew's expedition and did not want to tell Lady Dewstripe that her son had been injured,and that he would not come home until he found Longfang and his fleet.Breeze ran up the stairs, almost running into the cook and his helper.Finally she skidded to a stop at the tall wood doors.She raised her paw to knock but she stoped when she heard "Come in!What are you waiting for?".Breeze opened the doors and hesitantly walked in."I don't bite"Lady Dewstripe chuckled.Breeze gulped and said,"First Runner fro…

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