Cannibalism in the Redwall Universe: A Normal or Abnormal Practice?

There have been many instances of cannibalism in the Redwall Universe, or at least a few references to the practice.

Take Folgrim the otter, who eats the flesh of vermin, or the White Horde, who feast upon their fallen foes.

But Folgrim was insane, and the White Horde were barbarians coming from a far-off land where cannibalism was an every-day practice, so they have excuses.

But there were also moments when eating a beast that isn't from your own species seemed normal, like something all flesh-eating creatures did.

As an example, I give you Cluny the Scourge, who in the beginning of Redwall wishes his cart had stopped as he passed a field, believing that the two rabbits within the field looked like tasty morsels. Another example would be the numerous threats and oaths the vermin give, such as the wave vermin in The Rogue Crew or the way the Brown Rats treat Magger the weasel in Eulalia!, though these could be naught but empty threats.

I made this blog post because I wish to know what the rest of you think. Personally, I believe most creatures encountered in Mossflower Country & beyond believed the practice of cannibalism as abnormal and barbaric, but there is really no true answer, as it all depends on the characters...

Answer what you think in the comments section below.

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