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    The Vermin Letters

    September 22, 2011 by Brockfang

    So I had this marvelous idea to do a spinoff of C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters for Redwall. So I'm starting out with the vermin and having a fictitious character write a series of letters to a main vermin character of each book. The first shall be Salamandastron.

    My dearest Klitch,

    It surprised me to hear that you, my hated favorite nephew, were making friends with a stripedog and a rabbit. The only words I can think to write are “Are you a vermin?” My sources of information tell me that you are also leaving your father’s army of corpsemakers. Maybe in this letter I can try to force you back into line. You are vermin. The only good stripedog is a slave. The only good rabbit is a dead one. I think it would be wise for you to stay with your fa…

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    A Greenstone

    March 31, 2010 by Brockfang

    Bankrose jumped down from the supple oak limb and landed with a splash in the water. A squirrel looked up and walked across the mixed oak and elm boughs as easily as if he was walking on land. He peered into the river waters and looked long and hard. "Sight an otter?"

    "No. I heard a splash."

    "Did he steal anything?"

    "No. But I haven’t checked the chestnut trees."

    "This is out of hand. I wish what the elders said about peace was true."

    "Aye, I’d rather be friends with an otter than kill one."

    "Kill one?" the second squirrel asked.

    "Aye. The council decided yesterday to kill any more otters caught trespassing."

    Bankrose never heard the reply that the second squirrel made because the little otter kit was swimming speedily toward her father’s holt.


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    Cobona's Mission

    January 18, 2010 by Brockfang

    The 132nd battalion stormed ashore under withering fire from the company of weasels that were manning the machine gun nests. Major Quinn Longjump, a hare communications specialist with Company D, made it ashore with his bulky TBX radio taking some of the vermin bullets and thus saving his life. He dodged for cover as he made it halfway up the beach from the landing craft and tripped on a dead comrade. Quinn jumped up and made an ungainly spring for the trees, machine gun fire following him to the tree line. As he reached the trees he noticed how little of his battalion was making it up the shore. He was suddenly pulled down by a sergeant as the weasels started firing again.

    Rear Admiral Reginald Sinsestra was sitting offshore on the NMS Mand…

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    Redwall Crossword

    December 5, 2009 by Brockfang

    Ok guys I was bored one day and I got bored so I decided to make a Redwall Crossword. If you want to do it please copy the image and do not post answers here unless you need help with something. Right-click on the image and click save. Then open it in a Word Document and print to do it yourself. Enjoy. : D

    Note: I will hide any answer comments.

    1   Lord Warden of Castle Floret.

    4   Lord Brocktree's weapon.

    6   Finder of the Walking Stone.

    8   Mountain fortress.

    9   First abbey warrior.

    10   Badger Lord after Brocktree.

    11   Rat leader with long tail.

    13   Water monster in High Rhulain.

    16   Fort of Badrang the Tyrant.

    17   Last ruler of Kotir.

    18   Silent squirrel in “Redwall.”

    20   Sunflash the Mace’s sworn enemy.

    21   Only water monster to have held M…

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    On the Knife's Edge

    November 7, 2009 by Brockfang

    The aged squirrel was no longer young but he kept plodding towards the great bulk of Salamandastron realizing he could get there in time for tea. As he was coming up to the mountain a young hare just entering his prime stepped out of a crevice towards him.

    "Well now, Elmjo. I didn’t expect you to come around until next season."

    "It’s good to see you too Chamos," said the old squirrel. "I had no where else to go since I visited the otters on the eastern coast last season. Besides you were in the neighborhood of my travels."

    "Would you like some supper? Or would you prefer eating haversack rations out here?" asked Chamos jokingly. "How about coming inside with me? I’ve been looking forward to a good story."

    "Alright, mate. I learned the tale of …

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