• Brockkers

    This story is a complete original story written by me. This is my first fan-fic story, but not my first story. I love writing, but if you have an idea of how to improve something, please tell me. I want total honesty in your comments, and most of all, I hope you enjoy the story!

    Imagine a place where you wake up every morning to the smells of wonderful things coming out of the kitchen, the happy song of meadowlarks, and the ringing of beautiful bells. Now imagine the name of this place:Redwall Abbey. On one such morning, Abbess Gloria woke to sunlight streaming through her window, and two little Dibbuns jumping on her bed. "Wake up Abbess Glori, 'tis time for breakfast!"

    A small hedgehog babe named Rosie giggled at her friend Quinn the V…

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