aka tom deckeagle, burg, burgle, burglar

  • I live in Monterey, California
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is gang leader
  • I am male of course
  • Burglebuber

    The old weasel opened the door. His den was a little cave with a wooden door on a mountain-side. He stumbled into his house. Waiting for him, was Abbott Cornelius, two stoats, two rats, and some babes. Silverfur the Otter and Furback the Squirrel, both very old, were also in the den. The old ferret settled down into an armchair.

    "Burglebuber! Yer 'ere at last! Can ye tell us a story now?" asked a young squirrel, Furback's own son, named Maplebark. Burglebuber chuckled.

    "Aye, I can liddle Maplebark. That is, if yer pater approves" said Burglebuber, as he looked up at Furback, who nodded gently.

    "Then I shall begin..." started the old weasel.

    The three rats and a weasel walked steadily towards the anchored ship. They were tired, and fearful, for…

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  • Burglebuber

    The waves lapped against the barnacle covered hull of the Midnight Fury. It was a quiet night and that was the only sound possible to make itself heard on decks. The ferret and stoat watchmen huddled around the mast shivering in the cold. Below decks there was a better lifestyle. It was warmer and brighter for the lanterns and candles were all kept in the crew quarters. The steersman was humming to himself as he made sure the ship didn't drift off course. The lookout was unconscious do to drinking and therefore not doing the world's best job at watching. He had 3 or so empty bottles spread upon his body. Zemmerug Zitspike was in his cabin, under some soft blankets in his bed to keep warm. He had a bear made of old sacks and straw that he e…

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  • Burglebuber

    Council of Vermin

    April 19, 2013 by Burglebuber

    Slagar skipped merrily through mossflower. He tripped over a rock and fell into a pile of mud. He lept up, and started playing in it.

    "How could today get any better?", he shouted. A dead cockroach floated up from the mud. Slagar picked it up and ate it.

    "Hey, free lunch! Wonderful, what next?", he said joyfully. Suddenly the mud sprayed everywhere and slagar found himself flat as a pancake because Gabool the Wild and his motorcycle band, "The Wild Ones", had run him over.

    "Don't get in the way of The Wild Ones next time.", said Gabool. One of the others held up a pink and purple mask.

    "I got yo ma-ask. I got yo ma-ask." He said. He crashed into a telephone pole and he fell down, then the pole fell down on him and everyone's electricity ran ou…

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  • Burglebuber

    Zemmerug's crew

    April 3, 2013 by Burglebuber

    I would like a drawing of Zemmerug zitspikes crew. Each one separately please. I will give details on each of them below, and I will chose the best one to put on my fanfic "The story of zemmerug zitspike". Forrestfighter already agreed to draw Zemmerug, so this will be his six surviving crewmembers. Also, i recommend you read the fanfic, its better than the first three (I know they were too fast).

    First Mate Whitepaw (PS: please put their names as the caption of the pic, if you don't mind)

    A white stoat. Whitepaw has a pink nose. Pink paws, and a pink tailtip. His footpaws included. He has a dagger in a dark black belt. The buckle is silver, and he has three whiskers (two right and one left) and they are bent, old, and twisted. He is slightly…

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  • Burglebuber

    Dampdogg and Splitleg strolled through the woods. They were both stoats, and evil ones at that. They had cutlasses in their teeth, and spears at the ready. They bounded through the woodlands, kicking and chopping at the foliage as they went.

    "Ahoy, matey! Oi thinks ah sees the red abbey a'ead!" said Dampdogg.

    "Yer right, Dampy! 'Tis tha abbey! We gotta report ter Master Redflank Spits et once!" Said the other stoat, as the two ran off. Then a skinny weasel, with an iron helmet and a hook in his paw, jumped down from a tree, and he landed where the two stoats had been just a moment before. The weasel landed with no sound at all, and he even got to watch the stoats run off. Good thing they never looked back!

    "Chief, they's gone! We'd bes' warn …

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