• CaptainNightfur
    The fire roared as Redwallers around it slept, talked, and watched it's beautiful flames dance. It was an ordinary winter afternoon at Redwall. Most of the Abbeybeasts already ate supper and were resting in Cavern Hole.

    Foremole Durtpaw nervously tapped his claws. "Oi'm a wunderin' when zurr furret gunner waken up."

    Foremole's friend Skipper sighed. "I suspect he should be awake soon enough."

    Earlier that day while walking through Mossflower Woods, Foremole spotted a ferretbabe unconcious in the snow. Had Foremole not saved it it surely would have perished.

    The Infirmary nurse named Eulijie rushed in. "Foremole, Skipper come quick! The young ferret is awaking!" The trio of Redwallers then hurried to the Infirmary.

    "Thank you for coming so quick…

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