• Captain Flander Saberspawn

    This is the hilarius stories of 3 long patrol hares divided into Book 1(the prince of pranks), book 2(A hare with a white apron) & book 3(The trainer)

    "`Ey, Bilkin! March like everyone else! Chest out, paws on spear, eyes peeled and a long stride instead on your marching which looked like ya thought you where a duck waddling in a river! Now!" The young hare tried what the captain said, but none of it worked, instead he tripped and made three others infront of him fall like ninepins. He slowly looked up into the red face of Captain Saberspawn, the trainer. "Geddup, you! Look wotcha done! I'll...I'll..." He starts coughing dust out. He turns back to Butchy a second later, "Young cad, you will be spendin' yer dinner time sweepin' the mountain!…

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