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    March 25, 2011 by Clockworthy
    • stretches writing paw* This'll be like a memorial story. The Thunder Queen will still be updated, though.

    A shower of bubbles clouded Rayna's vision as she was submerged into the water, tickling her face, very nearly making her sneeze and inhale water. She put her paws out, the strokes she was taught quickly turning into flails. The bubbles had gone now, leaving only clear, weed-choked water. Right when she had decided to take a breath and submit to the current did strong paws lift her out.

    Gasping as she broke the surface, Rayna shook her head and grinned at her father. "One more time! I can do it!"

    Aquark looked down at her, trying not to frown with worry. For an otter, Rayna was very inexperienced in a running current. She had squirmed and s…

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    The Last Reguba

    September 19, 2010 by Clockworthy

    I fear that tensions are mounting.

    Ever since the Battle Of The Spirits against Sonophoba, Mossflower has been divided. Redwall Abbey sits peacefully on a boundary. In fact, why, the whole country has been fairly peaceable, but tense, like sneaking in a snakes' den.

    We are beyond grateful for Sarpin Rushclaw and his army for coming in. In exchange for protection, he requested the westernmost side of the forest, and a bit into the plains. The forest isn't ours to give away, we said, though he settled there anyway, with his daughter, Tasra.

    Of course, the proud Reguba clan did not like the situation - Did not like losing, did not like ferrets, did not like them on what they considered sacred, woodlander property. Kalfry Reguba agreed to a uneas…

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    The Thunder Queen

    May 24, 2010 by Clockworthy

    My computer was stupid, and erased all 15 chapters of the thing, because I wasn't going to post this until it was you might imagine, I'm feeling pretty resentful toward it at the moment. I'm sticking this first bit up here, because I trust Wikia more than my hard drive. I understand if you roll your eyes at the fact that I have another story.

    But this is better, I promise :D


    With a powerful kick of her feet, Sayice Lapwing knocked back the vermin warlord Duskill Skullsong, named for the various noises that came from his preferred instrument--animal skulls. She picked up her sabre and stared down at him. "Alright, get your blade, scum! I won't slay a fallen beast--I'll slay ye after you've stood and fought!"

    The wease…

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    Mossflower Reborn

    March 18, 2010 by Clockworthy

    Do not expect much for awhile. Just read the poem and be happy!

    If this is peace, then I want war,

    for this peace is a dull and deadly bore,

    these words I write from stolen ash

    straight out of the brazier.

    to serve and build is all we do,

    a bore--again, I say.

    Could I fight with the best once upon a time?

    My mind says--I think so.

    If these tears of mine could wash the blood

    turn his mistake around again,

    and turn the stones pale red once more,

    then I wont have been returned in vain.

    The fires were raging alongside the borders of her Mossflower. Riverwater had helped to extinguish smaller ones, until the smoke tainted the waters, and nobeast would go near it.

    "It needs a sacrifice!" The Chief had shouted.

    "No! I don't believe that." The Peacers firmly bel…

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    Warning This is chock-full of spoilers for The Sable Quean further down...and plenty other Redwall stories besides. If you do not wish to be spoiled, you'd best be heading on.

    In the beginning, there was creativity.

    In what I call 'The First Decade of Redwall'--even though the books may not have necessarily all been published in the space of 10 years--Each tale was something new to the series. There was no choice, you may say, the series was new. True. But think about how the main plot.

    Redwall: Defend the abbey from evil beasts--but you have to find the 'magic' scabbard, shield, and sword to do so!

    Mossflower: The unanswered questions of Redwall: How did the Abbey get there? Why is Martin the Warrior so special? What's up with that Mossflower …

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