I fear that tensions are mounting.

Ever since the Battle Of The Spirits against Sonophoba, Mossflower has been divided. Redwall Abbey sits peacefully on a boundary. In fact, why, the whole country has been fairly peaceable, but tense, like sneaking in a snakes' den.

We are beyond grateful for Sarpin Rushclaw and his army for coming in. In exchange for protection, he requested the westernmost side of the forest, and a bit into the plains. The forest isn't ours to give away, we said, though he settled there anyway, with his daughter, Tasra.

Of course, the proud Reguba clan did not like the situation - Did not like losing, did not like ferrets, did not like them on what they considered sacred, woodlander property. Kalfry Reguba agreed to a uneasy alliance, to which Sarpin agreed. "The priority", they said "Is keeping the woodlands safe."

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