• Colby Wildscutt

    The sun was just coming up over the sea beside Salamandastron. Malvinia Wildscutt woke up and left the barrack room and went downstairs to the kitchens. Frennic the cook was already up with his helpers fixing breakfast. Malvinia sniffed appreciatively at the cauldrons of hot, honeyed oatmeal as she passed them. Just then, she spotted her son, Colby sneakily dipping his paw into one of the cauldrons. She went over to him and tweaked his ear sharply, he started and the whole cauldron, oats and all, toppled to the floor.

    "Colby Burrbuck Wildscutt! Wait 'til your father hears about this!"
    "Owow! Leggo a chap's bally ear, ma! Ye're pullin' it off!"
    "You little rogue! Come with me or I will pull your blooming ear off!"

    Frennic tut tutted as the culpriā€¦

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