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February 21, 2010
  • Coldstrype the Scythe

    Hello once again! I haven't written an essay or blog post in a while that isn't related to Opposite Spectrum (the fanfic my friends and I are writing, which will be out very soon!) and I would like to reflect upon the different art styles used in Redwall fanart. I will also show my opinion on these different styles, and their advantages and disadvantages. Without further ado, I would like to show you my reflection upon art styles!

    I usually separate the different art styles that Redwall fans use into three categories: All animal, right between an animal and a person, and all person.

    This style, which you don't see on the wiki a whole lot, features an animal on all fours wearing clothes and sometimes having weapons strapped to it. It is usual…

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  • Coldstrype the Scythe

    Hello everyone! I know many of you want to see our story. However, it is not done yet. But there is some info that I would like to share about things that will make our fanfic trilogy very different from a real Redwall book: Later Time Period: Yes, our story takes place a long time after any Redwall book. It is not the Dark Ages anymore, and the World of Redwall is experiencing somewhat of a Renaissance. This age is also an age of exploration, so there is more people around and a few new species. There is some small towns and a bigger population.

    New Inventions and More Trade: Of course I have mentioned this and I will say it again. One of the new things that has come to the Redwall Universe is gunpowder. I am not saying that it is common, h…

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  • Coldstrype the Scythe

    I was over CopperJaw's house with Ejaxk, and he wanted me to write a short story about the proposed fight between him and CopperJaw. Also, Skelva and Ironbuck make their first appearance in the story. This is the new edited version of the story, with the edits suggested by CopperJaw taken into effect. Here you go, Ejaxk!

    Ejaxk the Abyss, also known as Evamek, rowed quietly toward the coast in his longboat. He was in his recon gear, consisting of a black tunic and slacks with a grey vest. He also wore a gray headband on his head, holding his gold tipped spiky hair up from his eyes. He was a mostly black fox, having occasional brown and tan splotches, and he had very odd bright orange paws. On his right eye was a crescent shaped scar, and an …

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  • Coldstrype the Scythe

    It was a dark night on an uncharted island far off the coast of Salamandastron. Chief Hameha, the chief of the island tribe of treeshrews, was staring at the moon. He was a lean, muscular animal, and had a red headband and red tipped feathers in his long black hair. He was heavily tattooed and had one ear pierced twice and a gold nosering. He was mourning the death of his wife who was killed in a raid from the tribe of toads that lived down the coast from his tribe. He finished staring at the moon and sat next to the fire. The shaman, Patuatu, was sitting next to him.

    "I understand your woes, chief, but I know something that will make you happier," said the old shaman.

    "What is it?" Hameha asked.

    "It's a dream I had. It said that you are to r…

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  • Coldstrype the Scythe

    Here it is! Castille and Arklor part two! The grammar is better now! So, as we left off, Captain Castille is on his way to Salamandastron, but Arklor the Invincible is hot on his tail. Read to see what happens! I'm sure you'll be surprised.

    "What are ye doin' jest sitten there! MOVE!" Captain Castille shouted at Skrognir and Whitey. The two ferrets saluted and ran off to get their weapons to defend against the vikings. As soon as Whitey got his spear, he ran to the crow's nest to get a better look at those strange dragon headed ships. Skrognir soon followed, and they looked at the massive fleet through the telescope.

    Nearing Castille's fleet, Arklor the Invincible shouted to his crew. "Row harder! Get yore backs inter it!" he roared. He pull…

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