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    A biting, cruel, winter wind swept across the chilly ocean until it encountered a mountain. That mountain was Salamandastron,Mountain of the Fire Lizard. Our story starts with 2 young leverets.But one was tall and lanky and tall, the other had a dark spot on his right shoulder. They were running along the corridor until Bam! They ran right into the chief librarian! He had 7-odd scrolls in his arms before the crash, and had 1 in his ear after. The leverets looked rather dejected, "Sorry sir, we know we shouldn't have ran in the halls." The old-timer laughed and collected his robes."Now, for this crime you'll have to join me and listen to the story of the Wolf Kingdom." The lanky one perked up, "A story! Really sah! Uh I mean-" his de…

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  • Colonel Acelin

    this doesn't work, go to Wolfrise to read the true thing

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