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  • Colonel Marthabell Longears

    From the writings of Recorder Helza, of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Country:

    "Ahh, the days fly by very quickly. The ones who were young are now elders and and quite behaved. Our Abbess Mittee is a rather nice Abbey leader. But we all moan over her mother Abbess Perrit's death a lot."
    "But she was avenged, not by any maiden, a fox maiden. The one Perrit found and raised in this Abbey. She went on a quest to find the one who killed our precious leader. With the help of a dibbun squirrel Revena and a her friend a otter Cleon. But this is about the fox's legend, about how she risked her life to save somebody she loved. Who said a fox had to be a vermin, eh? This is her tale....Ziranna's Tale..."

    Inside of Redwall Abbey, all abbey beast were fast…

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  • Colonel Marthabell Longears

    At the middle of the sea, the ship Pearl Queen was out, in the direction of Mossflower Country. It captain, a adult mouse Dandin Swordcarrier and his wife Mariel Gullwhacker was on deck, watching the sea."Hey Mariel, how is Marla doing?"asked Dandin.
    "I'll go and check."the warrior maiden was down in the cabin in a flash.
    As Mariel was down there, he remembered the time she came to Redwall Abbey as Storm, found her name was Mariel, her father Joseph the Bellmaker, and how much she needed revenge on Gabool the Wild a evil rat king who threw her off a cliff. Then the adventure of them going to Southsward and battling the evil Foxwolf. After that they married at Redwall and had a child they named Marla. Also the lost of their friend Bowly Pintips …

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  • Colonel Marthabell Longears
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