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  • CopperJaw

    We cannot get out. There are thousands of them. Their shouts rattle our very souls, but we do not lose heart. Trapped in the main hall we are. They have taken the first and second level. We have barred the door but cannot hold for long. They are coming. They have taken the courtyard and the southern hall. The thousands of screeching devils, all like voices like drums and howls. The ram continues to pound the door. The battle-worn hares fight for honor now, not hope.

    The door is breached. There was a loud explosion and the door flew in leaving it cockeyed by a hinge. Heavily armored vermin were streaming out of the opening. The hares defending the back door saw this and some fell back without an order. A shout rang from without. When the att…

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  • CopperJaw

    Back at castle Rynthiel, Steeltooth Slicewind had been watching the masked hare for some time now. He had been wondering when the massive hare would take it off. Leaning over to Coldstripe, the otter king whispered in his ear. “Lord, if ya don’t mind me askn’, why doesn’t that there hare take off his hood so he can have some vittles?”

    The badger turned his great striped head to look at the gallant hare seated next to him who was just sitting there, eating and saying nothing. “That bees Ironbuck, my bravest hare, he’s the brother of the good hare you met before, CopperJaw. But as for why he wears the hood, I’ll let him tell you. The badger leaned over and whispered to the hare that gave nod and got up motioning for steeltooth to follow. He b…

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