aka Bryson

  • I live in Arundell
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am A Male Otter
  • Corbus

    A Leader Worth Following

    April 8, 2014 by Corbus

    He came to us a beast of the wild, untamed and mad

    Yet He was soon reborn as a Lord to us

    His kindness eternal and wisdom endless

    Before him would come both bandit and bishop, united before Him

    His love was given to all, and with it we prospered

    In His time we knew there could only be joy

    For He was The Vulpuz, Lord of the Earth

    -Ancient Verse, found in ruins of Loamhedge Abbey

    Barely a season had passed since Russano had come to Salamandastron and taken his place as Badger Lord and in the time since then he had taken on every last plan to improve the mountain fortress that had come to him, not refusing a single sane request. There were hares running all around the mountain, carrying all sorts of building supplies and equipment heading off to aid …

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