• Corella The Warrior

    Queen Zanta sat on her king-sized chair in the new Fort Marshank. A sword and a ripped tunic, she was no queen! Owning slaves and being lazy was all she did.
    Her stomach growled."Arh, hungry again. Star!!!"she called, ringing a small bell.
    The young badger Star, or Stella her real name, came in. She wore a gold dress, her eyes gold, and had her foot-paws chained up, which was from the wall."Here!"she growled.
    Zanta grabbed the apple from Stella."Dance.."she said. Stella sat, not moving at all."Did you hear me, dance!"Zanta snarled. She tugged on Stella's chains, taking her down. Zanta approached her,"I said dance Star."
    "My name isn't Star, it's Stella!!"screamed Stella as she lunged at Zanta, sinking her teeth and claws in her leg."The only star

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