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  • Cornflowerofredwall

    This is a collab between Cornflower of Redwall and SalemtheCruel. I write the first chapter, Salem writes the next chapter, repeating throughout the story. This occurs before my story Sampetra. Enjoy.

    Razzin Streameye and Ublaz Mad Eyes were happily married. It was perfect. No secrets, no arguments. The two were conversing about leaving Sampetra one day.

    "Come on, Ublaz, I want to leave and go somewhere. Let's go to Redwall, we can conquer them, I know it!" Razzin whined.

    "No, that's absurd. Me, a corsair, landlocked in Redwall? Besides, I have command of hundreds of rats and monitor lizards. Who will lead them if I were to leave?" Ublaz countered.

    Razzin knew he had a point there. But she desperately wanted to move. Meanwhile, Ublaz was watch…

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  • Cornflowerofredwall


    December 4, 2011 by Cornflowerofredwall

    This is a Pearls of Lutra sequel.

    Razzin Streameye stared out at the sea that bordered the island of Sampetra. She had ruled ever since her mate, Ublaz Mad Eyes, had been slain by that wretched coral snake. She had ordered all snakes that might be inhabiting the island slain and thrown in the ocean. That seemed to help, but Razzin still remembered the moment when she heard about her mate's death as if it were yesterday. She had been hiding in a secret room when her bodyguard/lackey, Shardear, had dashed in.

    "Razzin, it's Ublaz," the rat gasped.

    "What about him?" the pine marten asked.

    "He, he's dead," Shardear rasped, trying to catch his breath.

    "Tell me, how did this happen?" Razzin said quietly. Shardear was in danger. Not telling could resul…

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