• Corroe

    the shadow hunter

    June 15, 2013 by Corroe

    Fangis the Devourer was the most feared beast in the Land of Ice and Snow, tall as a badger and vicious and cruel as the devil himself. He used a massive Claymore/Broadsword crossbreed named backbitter. He was known for the fact that he would devourer his enemy's, thus his title. He wandered the land, conquering any group of good beasts he came across.

    That was why he came to attack the otters of Holt stormrunner.

    “Slaughter them!” the wolverine [[1]] roared. “And get Obsidian the swift; we can’t let him reach the rest of the otters! If he reaches the rest, they’ll rally behind him and then were all dead!”

    True to his word, Fangis’s troops were vastly out skilled by the otter’s of Holt stormrunner. The only reason they had survived up to this…

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