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    A wiry hare shot down a dusty road, the gruff voice of a shrew yelling after him. "Stop that theif!" As the wind kicked up behind his heels, he sniggered, opening his bag of stolen food. "This'll Make a chap rest good at night, wot?" Running past an encampent, he kept running, only to find his feet no longer on the ground. Looking up, he looked into the face of a large otter, who was holding him up by the ears, his fur dark brown and matted. "What are you doing, Tragg??"

    The Hare looked up inicintly, straight at the otter. "I was just trying to get a good scoff, sah. Can't a chap get any good food anymore, wot?" As a shrew came racing up he pointed at the hare. "This lil' rascal stole my grub!!" He shouted at the otter. The otter si…

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