Brian Jaques, you will be missed by many. You captivated the hearts, minds, and souls of thousands of children (and adults) with your magic. Now adays the young, curious fire has simmered down in this bosom, but now I view your works in a new light. You had something special. You had a gift. Your unique way of presenting stories captivated the heart, lit hot the fires of imagination, and stirred the soul. Selfishly put. for years and years you influenced this person. The many hours spent writing fan fiction in the Redwall universe is a testament to this fact. You captivated many with charm, wit, humor, and adventure.

Like I said, I see Redwall in a new light. I see them as tools. Nothing would please me more or make me more giddy than to learn from your craft. Certainly, a person can pick up something from your work. You were a talented writer. For this I still look up to you. Even though you are gone, your words still speak.

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