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  • Danthemanb

    Creepy Crawlies

    September 16, 2009 by Danthemanb

    It was 3 seasons to the day that Rilret was killed, well night. A mouse redwaller was wandering the woods of mossflower enjoying the night. The he saw something, Something the made his mouth dry with fear. He didn't even have a chance to scream his death cry.

    Abbot Mordalfus was worrying over the Shar, a mouse who had been a slave who had left the last night. He was thinking this when he herd many voices singing.

    Hey ho a travelin' we go

    On the river,

    Hey ho on waters so swift

    It sent a duck to the dark woods,

    Hey ho it twas a hard work

    To sail da longboats in,

    But we did it no proplimo because of wot someone did......

    Hey ho a squirrel named Dann

    A stuck his sword away,

    Hey ho but it twas not in vain

    It went deep 'to a rock and held there fast,

    Hey ho…

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  • Danthemanb

    Elmtails tale

    September 8, 2009 by Danthemanb

    All the slaves in the Kingdom of Malkariss were doing what they always did to keep there hopes up, telling stories. A tribe of Squirrels had been taken unaware and make slaves that day.

    "Have you herd the story of Martin the Warrior?"

    "Yes, that has always been a favorite in our tribe."

    "What about the story of Elmtail, brother of Felldoh?"

    "No, we have not."

    "Then that is the one I will tell you."

    Lorg Daskar, older brother of Vilu Daskar. Was thinking about this past. When Lorg and Vilu left the training rock (A small island that was only stone) they both left with a lot of slaves and ship (Lorg named his ship Seascarab and Vilu named his bigboat out of wanting a larger ship) and a small crew. Vilu had chose to row to the closest island that h…

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  • Danthemanb

    Other than commin beleaf i think you can have spiders as a villain in a fan fic (if you steal my idea......) here is my info sorce to why and how it will be a good bad guy.

    There's something about spiders that gives most people the creeps, instilling a sense of fear and loathing upon seeing one. It's as though there's a part of the human brain that perceives the form of a spider as dangerous or threatening. Perhaps those deep dark feelings we get when we see a spider are echoes of an ancient human behavioral response known as instinct. Most of the thousands of species of spiders on this earth carry a venom that is virtually harmless to humans, but there are a few species which carry a deadly venom. Based on primitive human experiences a per…

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  • Danthemanb


    June 19, 2009 by Danthemanb

    This is a comedy thing, every thing will be twisted around. You don't have to read it....

    It was a beautiful shiny day, But she was coming. There was hardly a cloud in in the clear blue sky, but she was coming. It was the very picture of a perfect day, but she was coming. The birds chirped happily, but she was coming. Lacy was coming!

    Lacy! (She is my dog)

    It was a nice cool day in summer, with a soft breeze and the beautiful Redwall around them. To the redwallers today was perfect! That is in till it happened....

    The long patrol came! The otters came to but everyone was happy to see them. It was not the otters but the hares that scared the cooks. 5 score of them! Almost every secant it seemed a hare came in asking when the food would be read…

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  • Danthemanb

    Elmtails tail

    March 18, 2009 by Danthemanb

    He was fighting for all he thought was good and right, he was fighting to take out this evil once and for all! He was stronger and quicker, but his opponent was more skilled with a sword. Mattimeo knew he had to win! He attacked hard with Ratdeath only to be blocked by the rat sword in front of him. His opponent made the quick twist with his sword almost flinging the sword from his grasp, and the made many quick skillful cuts putting Mattimeo in retreat. Mattimeo jumped back and slammed down on the rat sword with all his might!

    It was the end of the season of the Rosebay Willowherb and the next day was the Nameday feast. All the Dibbuns were in outside playing and the making ready for the Nameday feast was the only thing on the minds of the…

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