Since before Christmas I bought some Redwall figurines (made by Julia London) and it wasn't until yesterday that I was able to pick them up. I spent my Christmas in Louisiana so I had all my packages sent to my grandmother's house in Illinois. I finally got back, went to visit her, and opened up the boxes! The first box that I bought from Julia's website contained these 3 little guys:

The other box I got from Ebay. I got extremely lucky in finding this guy so quickly after finding out about these figurines:

All of them together:

Martin the Warrior is probably going to be very hard to track down but if anyone wants to sell one (or give one away!) feel free to contact me :)

I received this next item right before I left to go down south. I was very pleased that 1. I found it, 2. I got it DIRT CHEAP, and 3. That it is unopened and STILL in the plastic seal. Very nice to add this hard to find piece to the collection:

So that's about it right now. I'm in the lookout for a Redwall DIARY and a few other items. I'm really interested in the Russian Redwall gift bag if anyone knows where I can pick that up at. As I grab other obscure items, I'll make sure to post them :)



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