• Dawnreth Longblade

    Dawnreth Longblade

    September 30, 2010 by Dawnreth Longblade

    The summer sun rose above the ocean shining brilliantly. Dawnreth woke and looked across the waters. She was a young badger, lithe and strong. Her pale gray eyes matched the color of the sea. There was a knock and her room door was opened by a shy mousemaid bearing a tray piled high with food.

    "Dawn, I brought thee thy breakfast, friend," she said, in her soft voice.

    Dawnreth turned to her friend, Moonblossom, smiling, "Ah thank ye kindly, Moon. What hae we here? Enough vittlin' tae feed an army, I see." Moonblossom brought the tray to the little bedside table and set it down.

    "Tell, Mem Tulie mah thanks, there ain't no better cook than she, the noo!"

    The young mousemaid smiled and left. Dawnreth sat on her bed and ate ravenously of the food M…

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  • Dawnreth Longblade

    Pouring rain washed down in impenetrable sheets, blinding the young mousemaid as she ran, nonstop, trying to evade her pursuers. Shouts could be heard as the vermin gave chase. Running faster, she clutched the small bundle closer to her. Then she slipped on a wet patch of grass and fell, rolling under the roots of a nearby oak tree she hid until the sounds got quieter, then all was silent but for the pounding rain.

    Night was just descending over Mossflower Wood, casting long shadows through the treetops to the forest floor. In Mosswood Village, Terth the mouse blacksmith was just finishing work on some farming implements for one of the farmer mice of the village. His wife, Nenrie the village healer came over to him and said, "Terth, come wi…

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