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    August 3, 2010 by Dawnrose

    It was a hot midsummer morning, but inside the forest it was cool and dark, tinged soft green by the sunlight filtering through the leaves like stained glass. Flowers of every color grew bountiful amid the mosses and underbrush. Bees droned lazily from flower to flower, and small birds perched and sang wherever a twig would hold their weight. A small chuckling stream flowed through, rushing on its course from the mountains to the sea. A tribe of otters dwelt happily in a series of caves along the streambank, living off the bounty of the surrounding land. They lazed around on the banks and frolicked in the water. Some of the adults fished, and some mothers were cooking or washing while young ones ran up and down the banks or slid down the s…

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  • Dawnrose

    Marshank Teaser

    July 30, 2010 by Dawnrose

    Sort of a test to learn how to use this thing! What happens if I check the box that says "voting"...?

    An excerpt from my fanfiction, "Marshank"

    Teagan perked her ears up at the sound of pawsteps approaching the compound door. “Hoi, otter!” Gurrad called. “What’re you doin’ standin’ ‘round ‘ere?”

    “Nothin’, sire,” Teagan replied meekly. “Just waitin’ for my sister to come lead me inside.”

    Gurrad looked furtively left and right, then drew close to the compound bars. “Lissen, otter, what d’ ye know about…” He paused, swallowed nervously, then whispered, “The flurjy twinj?”

    Teagan’s sightless eyes widened in horror. “The flurjy twinj?” she repeated in a terrified whisper. “Why do you want to know?”

    “Er, no reason,” the rat Captain replied hastily. “I w…

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